I'm Jebin Koshy Sabu, and it's my pleasure to welcome you to UthLegal. As the founder of this venture, I'd like to share a bit about myself and the vision behind our endeavor.  At its core, UthLegal embodies my deep-seated belief in the power of transparency, privacy, and unwavering commitment to excellence in legal practice.

With a background in Mechanical Engineering and Law, I've ventured into the dynamic world of entrepreneurial law. I've always been passionate about helping startups navigate the complexities of business and law, guiding them through their entire lifecycle.

My journey has led me to embrace agile, lean, and product-centered development, values that I cherish deeply. I've also been a staunch advocate of open-source initiatives, and my contributions to bootstrap projects reflect this passion.

Beyond my legal expertise, I've had the privilege of delving into the realm of product management, product consulting, and strategy consulting within the SaaS industry. These experiences have enriched my perspective and added layers to my understanding of the ever-changing business landscape.

I invite you to explore UthLegal and experience the embodiment of trust, integrity, and dedication that we offer to every client we serve. Thank you for visiting our website, and I look forward to the potential journey we may embark upon together.

Warm regards, 

Adv. Jebin Koshy Sabu